Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to make HALO-HALO (Filipino cold dessert mix)

Halo-halo is one of Filipinos' favorite refreshment and dessert to eat during summer time in the Philippines. The word "Halo" is a Tagalog word which means "mix" in English. Lots of halo-halo stands in the streets when summer comes around and is the most sought after because it gives a refreshing feeling, a cool relief from the heat of the sun in the summer months of April to June. Fruits are peeled, sliced and some are cooked in sugar. Making halo-halo is mixing of sweetend fruits you like with sugar, milk and shaved or crushed ice. Just put every ingredients you want in your tall glass with sugar, milk, shaved or crushed ice and any toppings of your choice (optional). Those living abroad, there are available ingredients that are in container jars, ready to mix and available in Asian (especially Chinese) Supermarkets and stores. The following are common lists of ingredients in making halo-halo, however some people doesn't like too much ingredients in their halo-halo so its up to you to choose your own fruits.  

Halo-halo recipe:


- sweetened banana (saba or plantain)
- sweetened pineapple
- sweetened jackfruit
- sweetend red beans
- shredded young coconut
- shredded cantaloupe (melon)
- boiled sweet potato (kamote)
- pinipig (pounded crushed young rice)
- cooked sago
- ube haleya - for toppings
- Leche flan - for toppings
- ice cream - for toppings
- evaporated milk
- white sugar
- shaved or crushed ice

Procedure How to make Halo-Halo:

In a tall clear glass, fill tablespoons of any sweetend fruits of your choice then add sugar. Fill with shaved or crushed ice until the tip of the glass then add milk and your favorite toppings. Enjoy!

Natural ingredients are the best choice, and they taste excellent. For example, the young coconut that is fresh and you open and shred is superior, and so with other hand-prepared fruits and ingredients. However, in countries such as USA, Canada, and other non-tropical countries, these tropical fruits are available mostly in containers such as glass jars imported from mostly Asian countries such as Philippines, China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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  2. This food really suits for this summer! i really love halo-halo :)